Thursday, 3 September 2015

How to calculate SGPA and CGPA in the College Result

SGPA(Semester Grade Performance Average) and CGPA(Cumulative Grade Performance average Point)depends on how you score in exams. suppose in first semester have a 6 subjects and each subject has a 5 credits for example on semester 1 you score a marks like this

Subject 1 Grade D
Subject 2 Grade D
Subject 3 Grade C
subject 4 Grade C
Subject 5 Grade A
Subject 6 Grade O

here the Grade point and marks are calculated according to this(Sauarastra University)
 your total earned Grade Point is C+E+D+D+C+O= 225 Grade Point Calculated like this (Earned Grade in Subject * Credit of Subject= Subject Grade Point)
6*5 = 30
6*5 = 30
7*5 = 35
7*5 = 35
9*5 = 45
So your total sum of Grade Point is 225. after that you need to multiply the total Grade Point with Total credit of all Subject in this example total subject is 6 so Credit total is (5+5+5+5+5+5)=30

Total Grade Point / Total Credits = 225/30 = 7.50 This is your SGPA 

And for CGPA is all over average of your degree so in this example your 1st semester SGPA is also 7.50 for better understand lets calculate 2nd semester SGPA and CGPA

Suppose in 2nd semester you earned 195 Grade Point so your total SGPA in this semester is 195/30= 6.50 SGPA and for CGPA you need to add previous semester Grade point into this sem ester so your total Grade Point is 225+195=420 and also add the previous credits into this semester credit 30+30=60

After that same process 420/60 =7.00

I hope this is helpful Thanks  

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

TCS Open Ignite Open Challenges soultions

TCS is a huge IT company in India.TCS Open Ignite is a platform by TCS to hire the Science Graduate across from India. Once you register in Open Ignite there are 4 tasks in open ignite home page listed below.
(my English is not very good so avoid the grammatical mistakes :) )


There are two types of tests one is Aptitude and second is English. in Aptitude test they only check your ability to take decisions and your basic logic and in English test very common questions related to your grammar portion. mark wise each have 5 marks and negative marking is apply to the test if you don't score a good marks in this test then don't worry this test only for your registration process they are not affect your interviews


This is a only name Surveys but the motive of taking this task to get your all information by TCS to judge you and check your background and your interest to develop your future. There and 8 different sub parts of surveys. This is not a task but only register and give the all of your information to Open Ignite. This 8 activity's are listed below so you get a idea from the different names

4.Family Occupation
7.Career Aspiration 
8.Socio Economic


The 3rd process to complete 100% portfolio is videos. in this section you need to watch 3 or 4 videos to complete this challenge. The videos is about basics of HTML,CSS,JavaScript and the length is between 1 minute to 4 minutes less. frankly speaking find the wifi among your area because the site take the very load.

4. Coding Challenge

Finally this part is little bit hard to complete you need to join any TCS team to complete this tasks.(if you don't understand then don't worry only register on TCS Open Ignite and go to coding challenge part trust me you will understand everything). There are four challenges to submit to tcs first you need to download the PDF format and then submit regarding solution of this challenge to the Open Ignite. 

if you are not able to complete this task then don't worry download the all challenges.

NOTE: This solutions are not in distribution for format this is for reference only   

1.Coding Challenge

This is simple program of java not very hard

2.Kickoff Challenge 

This is a math question regarding your logic in mathematics

3.Google Earth Tour

first of all download the Google Earth Desktop in this challenge you need to make the tour of your hometown i advice you watch the few videos on youtube how to make google earth tour and i will give you the reference Google tour from below

4. Algorithm Challenge 

In this Challenge you need to develop the algorithm to avoid the problem are occurred in this definition and search for Sleeping barber problem for this challenge and this download you are only see the sleeping barber problem

If you have any doubts about solution or anything make the comment below. 

Friday, 14 August 2015

Java is not fully object oriented

There are lot of arguments around IT peoples whether Java is purely object oriented or not. According to me, Java is now a purely object oriented language as it has wrapper classes. So you can use Byte,Short,Long,boolean,Integer, Float,Double. instead of int, float etc. (there are a total of eight primitive types).

But since Java has those eight primitive types, the critics will say Java is not purely object-oriented.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

How to get real Likes on Facebook post or page new

The Facebook is very popular site on the internet..Here is a topic is a How to get real likes on facebook post or page..Then lets start..

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Login Through your account and and read the all instruction on the website and get the facebook likes,followers,youtube likes,followers,viewers and much more....

Thnx for reading if you have any questions then comment on post

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Saturday, 8 February 2014

How to download facebook videos with pictures

Here topic is how to download facebook videos.

you need to download the video from Facebook. Follow this guide to download any video that someone uploads to Facebook, even if it’s set to private properties.. !

Step 1:-Go to Facebook And See the video someone Uploaded.

Step 2:-Then go to video and right click on it..and select "Copy Link Address" See the image below

Step 3:-Go to and paste the URL on the Box and click on download button wait for few seconds see the image below

Step 4:-And the Download option come there.Don't Click on this Button Right click on the button and choose "Save link as" option your download will be started..See the Image below

Thanx For Reading..Also see the video Tutorial Here..

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How to Download youtube Videos without any software updated

Hey..Today we discuss about How to download Youtube Videos.and its very easy to implement this trick on Youtube. So lets Start

Step 1:-Open youtube and play any Youtube Video

Step 2:-Then Go to Address bar and Just Copy The video URL.
Step 3:-And Go to and Paste the URL on The box and Click on Download.
And all Done! You can download video in any format....

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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

How To Root Any Android phone or Device[Very Easy]

Hello Every One Today I am Taking About How to Root Any Android Device In very easy way.

Lets Start...

Hello Everyone My name is Virat I am Talking About How to root your Android Device..Most Of all Device...Very Easy For Everyone

then Lets Start...

Step:1:- Download SRSRootAnd Install It...Download Button In the Given Below.

Step:2:-After Install It Connect To Internet on your PC or any windows Device and Connect Your Phone To pc And Add Android Phone In to USB Debugging Mode.

           Go to Settings>>Developer Options>>USB Debugging

Check Mark on USB debugging

Step:3:-Start The SRSRoot For android And just Click on==>Root Device.

Step:4:-And Your Phone Will Be Automatically Restart and SuperSu Was Install Automatically.

It takes  5mins...

                                            Download SRS Root

And Yes do this All at your Own Risk

Watch the Video Tutorial here....